April MDASF Virtual Education

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Join us Tuesday, April 13 from 12:00-1:00PM for a complimentary webinar. MDASF members, coworkers and friends in the industry are invited to join us!


The World Deserves a Better You!

In the busyness of the most challenging times it is easy to lose sight of what being your best means to your club, your family, your health and your world.

Kevin MacDonald created the CMAA Coaching Program in 2003 and has spent over 20 years supporting leaders in bringing out their best. It is time to refocus on time, self-care, respect, needs and boundaries. He is so excited to be able to come back to Southwest Florida…………virtually!


About Our Speaker, Kevin MacDonald

Kevin MacDonald is a Coach and Facilitator, a Communicator, Storyteller and a Teacher. As a Coach he initiates action from within the people he touches. As a Facilitator and Communicator, Kevin uses humour and wisdom to help his clients crystallize their thinking, define success and live their ideal lives with passion and balance. He partners with people who are passionate about performing at a high level and about achieving great clarity about who they are and what they want.

His business and management background combined with his exceptional Coaching skills make him an asset in any people development initiative.

Kevin is a member of the International Coach Federation, a graduate of Coach U. and has developed and led the Coaching Program for the Club Managers Association of America since 2003.

Prior to his coaching career, Kevin spent over 20 years as a manager in the hospitality industry. He managed two prestigious clubs prior to moving into his career as a coach. His focus now as a coach is to inspire his clients and help them learn the skills in that they can use to change their lives. Kevin empowers his clients so that they can take the actions that will start to change their behaviour so they begin to see the results they are wanting in life.